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Adventure Jeep

An amazing open-air experience. Explore the island in an adventurous way!

Jeep Gladiator

Whether you want a Jeep or a Pick-up, with our Gladiator you experience both. Feel like a Gladiator in our Jeep Gladiator!

Luggage Ride Service!

For an additional fee, we bring your luggage to your hotel while you get ready to enjoy your vacation!

24 hours road service!

Online Reservations

Royal Car Rental offers secure online reservations. Royal Car rental is your source for economy car rental bargains.

Choose from our big fleet

Royal Car Rental has a big fleet, from Economy Cars, Midsize to Full Size vehicles, Luxury Sedans, SUV’s, 4×4 Jeeps, 7 or 12 Passenger Van, Convertibles and Exclusive Vehicles.